Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wholesale Soap Nuts Dropshipping Program

Soap nuts offer natural, sustainable solutions for the eco-concious. Used in shampoos, household cleaners, hand soap and beauty products, these are sure to be a bestseller in the DIY crowd. Dropshipping is offered for bulk soap nut orders and private labels are available for dropshipping retailers. Products made from soap nuts are also available for wholesale retailers. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Great Drop Shipping Tips

by Derek C Barrington

Here are some tips for those of you that are in, or wish to enter, the Drop Shipping arena. This is a very lucrative arena to join but it also has many pitfalls, so if you don't want to drop like a stone take note of the tips that are here.

 For those that are just starting out, you'll need a computer and an internet connection along with a telephone so that you can speak to your customers or shippers directly if the need arises. You will need to find some good drop shippers who will sell the goods to you at a price that allows you a decent margin on the mark up.

Your drop shipper needs to be reliable and hold a good stock of the items you are going to be selling. Once you have identified your possible drop shippers you will need to contact them to get a price list and good photographs of their range of goods. This is normally done on the internet and all the photographs and prices will be sent to you over the internet.

 You will want to use drop shippers who have proper warehouse facilities and a good and efficient logistics team so the goods ordered are dispatched without delay. You also need to make sure the drop shipper you are using only deals in genuine goods and is not going to send counterfeit goods to your customers. It is your reputation that is going to suffer if there is any wrong doing. If you are using a good drop shipping company they will put stickers with your company name on the parcels that are sent out. They will also supply your customer with contact details in case of any complaints. These should be dealt with as quickly as possible and in your name. The drop shipper should accept credit cards, PayPal etc, as should you.

 Once you have your product list and photo's you are going to need to be imaginative to put a slightly different but true description of the article(s) you are selling. If possible also change the images. Remember the drop shipper you are using may be sending the exact same details to many others like you, so you need to be just a little different to attract more attention. You could also build your own website using the items from your drop shipper, but should you chose to go that route make sure you keep the website up to date or you could end up getting orders for out of stock items. Should you be unfortunate enough to do this contact your shipper and find out when the stock will be available, or you could possibly source the same item elsewhere. If there is going to be any delay in the item being shipped to your customer then contact them immediately and inform them of the situation. You should give them the choice of waiting for the delivery or accepting a full refund for the goods ordered. Keep in mind if you are using eBay your customers are going to rate you. The last thing you need are negative comments as these could completely crush your business and any reputation you have built up. If you manage to pick a shipper who is constantly running out of stock or late with their deliveries then change them. It is your reputation that is being affected and not theirs.

 If you build your own website ensure you put plenty of keywords in the text to attract the search engines. Keep the site clean and interesting with short but accurate descriptions. If you do these things then you can look forward to a productive and prosperous future.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

VG Furniture Drop Shipping Program

VG Furniture offers a variety of gorgeous furniture pieces for dropshipping. As an upscale furniture manufacturer, VG Furniture makes it easy to offer an array of options with no minimum purchases for wholesale buyers who participate in their drop shipping program. Sign up to become a retailer of their exclusive line of products. Curbside delivery is offered to the end customer no matter where they reside in the US.

Friday, January 25, 2013

John T. Unger Studios

Created by artist John T. Unger, wholesale fire bowls can create a lot of profit for those who cater to upscale clients. The target customer base can afford the luxury and desire beauty in their outdoor environment. John T. Under Studios has created a dropshipping program for their steel fire bowls to reach the masses. Visit the website to apply for their wholesale program and learn more about profiting from their wholesale program for online and brick-and-mortar businesses. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Milavitsa Lingerie Dropshipping Program

Offers dropshipping to anywhere in the world. You have permission to use any product images or other information from their website. There are no fees or hidden charges to dropship lingerie.Items available for drop shipping include bras, clothing, nighties, and much, much more. Visit the website to get an idea of the lingerie available for resale. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Drop Shipping 101

The Drop shipping method can be a lucrative business for you once you have found your top selling marketing item(s). This method is preferred for sellers that do not want to keep their products in a physical store. It ELIMINATES tracking inventory and depreciation of items that sit on shelves collecting dust. The way Drop shipping works is the customer will pay for the item at the price YOU have listed, which you will then collect via the payment method you have set. You will pay your distributor for the product at THEIR cost and the money left over is YOUR profit. Your distributor will ship the items selected from your website to your customer.

The customer will never know the difference. So how can you pass on a method like this? In all business practices, there are cons that you will need to be aware of. Relying solely on the distributor to ship your products to customers can either make you or break you.

 I have listed 3 key steps to help you.

 1. RESEARCH YOUR DISTRIBUTOR. Try to learn as much as you can about your potential distributor. Don't be intimidated to NOT ask the important questions needed. Their goal is to have a profitable business to attract and please their potential resellers; do ask questions. Ask about normal shipping averages and quantity in stock weekly and/or monthly. Communication is the key. Do a thorough research on the distributor before displaying their products on your website. Some businesses may offer what you want but you may lose money in the end. Review the terms and conditions from the potential distributor carefully.

 2. Use your LOGO or BRAND. Some distributors will often ask if you want your logo and business name included on shipment. My reply, "I'll take a 'yes' Alex for $500." But seriously, if your distributor offers this perk, take it! If you don't know if the distributor will allow this, ASK. Getting your name on the products is recognition for your business and customers (existing and new) will be familiar with your brand. This could lead to increased traffic to your website.

 3. CONTINUE to BUILD TRUST and LOYALTY with your distributor. Knowing that you are a good buyer, you can easily negotiate prices of products down a notch. This relationship building may take some time but is well worth it in the end.

 I hope this article is very informative to you and will help you on your next business venture. My ultimate goal is to build healthy relationships between businesses as well as consumers. Make sure to visit my online electronics store at for the best electronics and gadgets prices. Make sure to follow my online success on Facebook (OrdinarilySimple Gadgets) and Twitter (@Ordinarily Sim). Until next time my fellow Article Source:

A Unique Idea Exotic Bird and Small Pet Dropshipping Program

For 10% extra cash, you can have A Unique Idea handle the packing and shipping of their unique line of wholesale products for exotic animals and small pets. They offer a large selection of small animal toys, including seasonal items and specialties you won't find anywhere else. Great idea for small ecommerce websites and other pet loving retailers. 

Rock and Roll Action Figures Dropshipping Program

Offers a drop shipping / wholesale program for collectible figurines, t-shirts, and other novelties. You must be a registered reseller in your state and have a proven sales track record. Unfortunately, Ebay and Amazon sellers are not allowed.